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HTC HD2 user manual

HTC HD2 user manual High-end electronics are generally considered expensive, but well worth their price due to their performance and functionality. The HTC HD2 is no exception to that rule, although it has been some time since it was released back in 2009. It is a fine piece of technology, offering a big screen and powered by...
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Nikon D3000 user manual

Nikon D3000 user manual Photography in general is extremely popular as a hobby. In fact, hobby photographers actually take some pretty amazing shots in most cases, although professional photographers often claim that most of these are sub-par in quality. Well, to be honest, we won’t be going into that discussion at all. Whatever...
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Canon 7d user manual

Canon 7d user manual Canon 7D is one of the best cameras I have ever tried. It offers a great number of features which are unique in its class of digital cameras with high performance. One of those features is the ability to select the points of the individual points manually for the Auto Focus feature. This camera offers...
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Gimp user manual pdf

Gimp user manual pdf Your photos and artwork can be brought to an entirely new level if you use GIMP to apply textures to them. This is an easy way for you to add some more depth without having to highlight and shade the details by hand. You can use textures to create different impressions, apply watermarks, create embossing...
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Rca visys user manual

Rca visys user manual RCA ViSYS is a 2-line corded phone which offers many features and functions. Besides the functionality provided with the 2-line feature, this phone offers a digital system of answering which can hold over thirty minutes of messages. It also features one-touch speed dial, call conferencing, a headset jack, a...
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