Flip Video user manual

Flip Video user manualFlip Video is a digital camcorder from Pure Digital. It is a simple plug and play video camera and it is the best selling camcorder on Amazon. You can easily view and share videos because it has a built in software and a hideaway USB connector. There’s much to learn from Flip Video user manual, so be sure to download it. It has a very affordable price and at the same time it is very functional and easy to use. One important thing you should know about the Flip Video is that this camcorder doesn’t use tapes to record videos, but it uses the internal flash memory instead. You can find two versions, one with 1 GB memory and the other with 2 GB. The estimated time of recording is 30 minutes for the 1 GB version and 60 minutes for the 2 GB version. The design of the Flip Video is excellent and it has a great video quality.

Where to download Flip Video user manual?

However, you should not expect something spectacular and a video that will match a MiniDV camcorder. There is no expansion slot for an SD/MMC card on the Flip Video. Another disadvantage is that the Muvee editing features can work just with a PC and not with Mac. Read the Flip Video user manual before using it. Click here to download it.

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