HTC Desire HD user manual

HTC Desire HD user manualIf you want to keep the HTC Desire smartphone safe, you should lock it in order to prevent people from making calls, sending texts or stealing the contacts’ information from your device. Read the HTC Desire HD user manual right after you purchase your phone and learn how to keep it secure. One way you can do that is by creating a pattern for unlocking your phone. Once you create that unlock pattern, the smartphone will lock automatically when it is turned off or it enters into sleep mode. The unlock pattern you create will be necessary for re-engaging and using the phone after it locks automatically. In case you forget the order of your unlock pattern, you can fix the problem by signing in with your Google account password and name, and create a new pattern for unlocking which will be easier for you to remember. You must drag the finger in order to create your unlock pattern, you can’t tap the dots for that purpose.

Where to find HTC Desire HD user manual

You will find the instructions for creating the pattern in the user manual that came with the product. If you don’t have it, just do some web research and you will be able to find the instructions online. Don’t use any instructions you find because they may not be right for your phone, so it’s best to trust the official HTC website as your main source.  Download your HTC Desire HD user manual by clicking here.

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